Roasted Pepper and Arugula Scrambled Eggs

This single serving breakfast recipe combines roasted peppers and arugula for scrambled eggs that are simple, but special. Roasted Pepper and Arugula Scrambled Eggs | Fake Food Free


I often get asked – how do you find ideas for recipes? 

Like most people, I find inspiration just about everywhere. Sometimes I get an idea, make a list and ponder it for a while. Other times, I stand in front of the fridge, trying to figure out what to have for breakfast. I grab a few ingredients, mix them together and it tastes so good that I think maybe someone else who is trying to eat protein-rich breakfasts might enjoy it. 

This is one of those recipes.


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Bosc Pear, Walnut and Gorgonzola Holiday Stuffing

 Add a twist to your holiday stuffing! This recipe takes my favorite combo of pears, walnuts and Gorgonzola and turns them into a delicious version of one of my favorite holiday sides. Friends of ours hosted a Thanksgiving potluck and I was put on the stuffing list. Since mine was stuffing number 2 at the… 

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Fall Salad with Molasses Balsamic Vinaigrette

This fall salad is loaded with seasonal fruits and topped with candied pecans and blue cheese. The rich molasses balsamic vinaigrette has a mild spice from cayenne pepper.     I have the strangest pattern for salad cravings. For some reason throughout the end of the summer, despite all the light and refreshing produce, salads did… 

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Vegetable Party Appetizers

Get ready for the holiday season with these vegetable party appetizers! From walnut-stuffed tomatoes, to hot pepper jam and eggplant pâté, you’ll love these easy-to-make recipes using Mucci Farms produce.    There are few things more perfect to me than aisle after aisle, bin after bin, and row after row of fresh produce. It’s why you’ll… 

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Ginger and Black Peppercorn Hot Tea Recipe

This hot tea combines ginger and black peppercorns for a slightly spicy drink that will warm you up. A recipe I learned from friends while living in Brazil, it is a non-alcoholic twist on the Quentão we used to drink there during the winter.   During one of the Julys we spent in Brazil, I helped a… 

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Hanoi Grilled Chicken from The Banh Mi Handbook

From the Vietnamese bread and fillings to tangy pickled vegetables, you can create your own restaurant-style sandwich at home with the help of The Banh Mi Handbook and this Hanoi Grilled Chicken. I read about the Vietnamese Banh Mi long before I ever had the opportunity to take my first bite. I knew about the… 

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