Pineapple Mint Chutney Recipe

Friday is cookbook review day throughout the summer here at Fake Food Free. If you have a love of cookbooks be sure to swing back by for plenty of new ideas and recipes.

I don’t like to call it an addiction. That makes it sound as though it’s a bad thing.

Let’s go with attraction.

Yes. I have a strong attraction to canning and preserving cookbooks.

I have my mom’s old ones, I collect new ones and I never turn down the offer to test one out. Regardless of how simple or complex the recipes in the book may be, I always manage to find something I have never canned before.


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Nectarine Coconut Peanut Flour Scones Recipe

After Tuesday’s pork chop post, I decided to switch gears with my peanut flour experiments and try something sweet and baked. Scones remain my favorite type of pastry and recipes for them are also very easy to play around with. While breads and cakes can be tricky for getting the right rise and texture when… 

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A Guide to Peanut Flour and Peanut Chile Rubbed Pork Chops Recipe

I am crazy for peanut flour. I discovered it last year after attending a nutrition and cooking retreat with The Peanut Institute. After doing a little web research, I found it mentioned around the web a couple of years ago (likely because Trader Joe’s carried it for a while), but it was a new ingredient… 

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Spiced Balsamic Pickled Cherries Recipe

Last Friday I loaded up on gorgeous Washington State cherries at the Whole Foods one-day sale. By loaded up I mean I bought 10 pounds. I am a sucker for specials on fruit and cherries freeze well so I convinced myself to add a few extra bags to my cart. By Tuesday I realized my… 

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Las Vegas Eats and Drinks in iPhone Photos

  Las Vegas — you either love it or hate it. After about 11 years of traveling there, I’ve given up on arguing with anyone in the hate it category. I just enjoy the fact that we love it. We take it in small doses. I only want to be there a couple nights at… 

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