Maple Peanut Butter Cookies

Maple Peanut Butter Cookies | Fake Food Free

There are times when nothing will do, but a cookie. No slice of cake or pie, no brownie square or fruit tart; only a cookie. 

I appreciate that my sweet tooth is selective, but its picky nature sometimes sends me into the kitchen for some baking when I hadn’t really planned on it. That happened this past week. 


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Fig tart 3

Honey Bourbon Fig and Hazelnut Tart

This fig and hazelnut tart has a whole grain cookie base that is topped with Tiger figs, honey bourbon glaze and a buttery crumble topping! I rarely take my camera to the farmers market anymore. One, because I usually haul out about 10 shopping bags plus a backpack on each visit. I wouldn’t be able… 

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Four Favorites July

Four Favorites in July

My Four Favorites series is back and I’m introducing a new theme to these monthly installments of my favorite finds. The four Bs. A book, a blog, a brand and a break. These are a few things I’ve come across this month that I’ve enjoyed so much that I must share. 

Pickled Long Beans with Lemongrass

Quick Pickled Long Beans with Lemongrass

   I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve gotten away from canning. I used to be all about the jams and relishes. Until I wasn’t. And by that I mean until I had the pantry stocked with too many condiments than two people (and the occasional friend or family member) could possibly eat.  So I’ve… 

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