Thanksgiving Snapshots

November 23, 2017

Californian Persimmons. Photo by Lori Rice. |

I know it’s more common to look back at the year and reflect on December 31st. This year, though, it feels more appropriate to do it on this day that is so strongly associated with pausing to consider what we are thankful for. 

The more I dive into the world of photography, the more I find feelings of gratitude creeping up inside me.

For me, moments are easily forgotten. When I take a second to photograph that moment and then flip back through what I’ve captured, those memories instantly become real again. It’s as if I’m there. 

And I’m thankful all over again. 

I’ll let these images speak for themselves. They are simply moments from this year that fill me with all kinds of gratitude. Some involve travel, others are in our backyard. Some involve a hint of my work, others leisure, and many food. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and Happy Thanksgiving!



Food On Tap Cookbook. Photo by Lori Rice. |


Kauai. Photo by Lori Rice. |


Antelope Valley, California Poppy Reserve. Photo by Lori Rice. |


Wawona Campground, Yosemite. Photo by Lori Rice. |


Tortelloni in an Italian Kitchen. Photo by Lori Rice. |


Bologna. Photo by Lori Rice. |


Torri of Sabina. Italy. Photo by Lori Rice. |


Kitchen Remodel. Photo by Lori Rice. |


Heather Lake, Sequoia National Park. Photo by Lori Rice. |


Brown Turkey Figs. Photo by Lori Rice. |


Pineapple Sage and Purple Basil. Photo by Lori Rice. |


Dixie the Pug


Macy Mae the Pug


Apples in a New York orchard. Photo by Lori Rice. |


Fall in the Hudson Valley. Photo by Lori Rice. |


Fall Hike in the Hudson Valley. Photo by Lori Rice. |

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