Strawberry-Lime Salsa with Homemade Flour Tortillas

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It’s strawberry season! For the second year in a row we’ve been blessed with plants that keep on giving. For the past two weeks we’ve been getting one or more boxes of berries like this almost everyday.

While I may get overwhelmed with herbs and peppers throughout the summer, that never happens with strawberries. Any that aren’t going in my mouth are going in the freezer!
It’s difficult to eat them any way but straight out of the box, but I’ve managed to create a few things that aren’t berries in a bowl or berries in oatmeal. One is this salsa.

I’ve always liked a little fruit in my salsa, but I was introduced to strawberry salsa last year through a recipe program with the Kentucky Proud local food project we have here and Cooperative Extension.
I wasn’t sure how I’d like strawberries and tomatoes together, but one bite and I was sold. It’s so good.
This is my take on strawberry salsa. I decided to serve it up with some mini flour tortillas. I have been hooked on these tortillas from the Homesick Texan. I’ve made corn tortillas, but I just made these flour tortillas for the first time a couple weeks ago and I’ve made them two more times since! This time I made them much smaller to create an appetizer-sized serving plate for the salsa.
Strawberry-Lime Salsa with Flour Tortillas

4 Roma tomatoes, de-seeded and chopped

1 cup diced strawberries
3 green onions, whites and greens sliced
¼ cup fresh cilantro, chopped
Juice and zest of one lime
½ to 1 tsp sea salt
Plain Greek yogurt or sour cream for serving (optional)
Combine the tomatoes, strawberries and onions in a bowl. Add the cilantro, lime juice and lime zest. Stir to combine all ingredients. Stir in the salt to taste. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before serving.
You can find the flour tortilla recipe at the Homesick Texan. When you are ready to cut the dough, cut it into 24 small pieces and follow the instructions provided. Be sure to roll it very thin. It will puff up on you during cooking.
To serve, top each tortilla with a tablespoon of salsa. Garnish each with a ½ teaspoon of yogurt or sour cream, if using. Serve immediately. Makes 24.

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  1. says

    Adding fruit is a creative way to tweak a salsa recipe. It has a sweetness that makes one crave for more, and a little sour that is not too overpowering. I love this for springtime, great for summer too!

  2. says

    I have NEVER had fruits in my salsa (wait, I guess tomatoes are a fruit..But those don’t count :p) This looks great!

  3. says

    My Fudo – Definitely great for spring and summer!

    Emily – I had made corn toritillas, but I like the flour ones so much better. The recipe I used was super simple too.

    Cathleen – Oh, definitely try it! I like pineapple and mango as well especially if it’s a little spicy

  4. says

    I love fruit in my salsa also but mostly end up sticking with mangoes or peaches. Have to try strawberries!

  5. says

    Oh what a great idea. Our strawberry season it still yet to come so I’m pinning these to remember.

  6. says

    Oh Lori, these are so cute…love your little homemade tortillas and the salsa on it looks absolutely delicious. So refreshing!
    Thanks for this salsa recipe and hope you are having a wonderful week :)

  7. says

    TasteHongKong – Thanks so much!
    Sonia – The strawberries have been wonderful this year!
    Joanne – They taste much better than I was expecting. I usually stuck with those standards before trying this too.
    Cassie – Thanks so much. The yogurt is great on them.
    kat – Our season as ending as yours begins. :) I can’t wait to see your recipes!
    Juliana – It’s a great warm weather recipe. Thank you!
    OCFoodBlogger – It’s a nice flavor combo for sure.
    Katerina – I love having the additional use for strawberries!
    lisa – Yes, we really are! Growing our own food is one of my favorite things of the season.
    Fresh Local and Best – This is our 3rd year for the plants so they are really doing well. I’ll also credit the fact that strawberries are really easy to grow here. :)