I currently develop recipes, provide food photography and write content for a number of clients in food and drink, agriculture, travel and health. I’m happy to discuss opportunities to write for you.

More information on my food photography can be found at loririce.com.

Below are some of the publications and blogs I write for and examples of published clips. You can also find links to my writing and photography work on My Work Portfolio Pinterest board. If you are interested in working with me, please feel free to contact me at lori at loririce dot com.


My Book:

The Everything Guide to Food Remedies by Lori Rice (Adams Media 2011)


Clients: Copywriting, Health Writing, Recipe Development and Photography

POM Wonderful – Crazy Healthy blogger for the 2014/2015 pomegranate season. Contributing educational blog content and social media support around pomegranates. 

BevMo! – Copywriter, Thanksgiving Thirsty Times publication.

Paramount Citrus – Contributor, recipes and food photography for Good Taste: Recipes & Tips; content repurposed for the 2015 Paramount Citrus promotional calendar.

DailySqueeze.com – Content creator for Tumblr blog, recipe developer and food photographer, social media support, a site by Paramount Citrus.

FitStar.com – Nutrition content contributor for the FitStar Blog and social media content curator.

US Potato Board – Contributing food photographer. 



Brewing Beer Magazine – Contributor, Troubleshooting Tips for Home Brewing

Farm to Table Cooking & Lifestyle Magazine – Contributor, Recipes and Food Photography

Hobby Farms Magazine – Well Seasoned Food Columnist, July 2014 to present

Hobby Farm Home Magazine – Dinner Bell Food Columnist, 2013 and 2014


Web Content and Articles:

3 Gluten-Free Grains to Add to Your Kitchen and Garden – Hobby Farms Online

7 Onions that Bring in Cash at the Farmers’ Market – Hobby Farms Online

Clean Rusty Cast Iron – No Self-cleaning Oven Required – Hobby Farms Online

How to Pick the Right CSA for You – Urban Farm Online

Book Review: Thirty Percent Chance of Enlightenment by Tim Brookes – The Lost Girls

A Trip to the Feira in Maringa, Brazil– Go Galavanting

Butter, Chocolate and Bread:  The health benefits might surprise you – Yahoo! Shine

How to Set a Budget for Travel – USA Today, Travel


Book Contributions:

Cooking Across America: Country Comfort: Over 175 Traditional and Regional Recipes

ThinkFood:  Brain Healthy Recipes