Links to a Healthy Weekend

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Hope you are enjoying this September weekend! I think we are actually all packed up! Well, except for the last minute things. I mean, I still need a plate to eat off of this week.
This time next week we will be landing in the US. No doubt we will hit the ground running as we drop things off, pack the rest and head out on our month long trip throughout Southeast Asia. Then I get to finish that off with a week in San Francisco and the Foodbuzz Blogger Fest! It is an exciting time for sure.
This will be the last links post for a while. They’ll return in November because I love sharing what I find and the posts keep me motivated to stay on top of my food and health reading around the web. I think you’ll be pleased with the great stuff this week!
Meeting demand for ancient grains on
I am gladly welcoming all the ancient, yet new-to-me, grains that I have recently discovered. I am also thankful for all the food bloggers out there who show me how to use them! This is an interesting post about how companies are trying to keep up with our demand for gluten-free and other nourishing grains.
The Foodiots from the New York Observer
A wonderful article that creatively expresses how conversations around the water cooler have changed. Our new focus seems to be all about food!
Make Your Own Sausage on Chow
It’s Oktoberfest time! One of my favorite foods in the world is authentic German sausages. Given that they are accompanied by pretzels and spicy mustard, of course. I’ve never made my own, but this article will show you how!
Cauliflower & cashew pilaf with chickpea curry on the BBC Good Food Channel
The cauliflower and cashews in this dish sound fantastic! I would likely substitute in my chickpeas in curry as opposed to using a jar sauce, but this is a combination I would not thought of pulling together on my own.
Guilt-free Snacks Challenge at the Health Nut
If you have a favorite recipe for a healthy snack, head over to the Health Nut and submit it for the Health Nut Challenge 2. Entries are due by Oct 31st. While you are there you can check out the great recipe for Roasted Vegetable Wheat Crackers!

Photo from the Farmer’s Market (feira) in the Batel neighborhood of Curitiba-PR, Brasil
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  1. says

    Have a great holiday in South Asia-hope you get to try some of the Indian food from the list!!Can’t wait to read the travelogue :)
    The ‘ancient grains’ link sounds very interesting-thanks,I’m heading over to read that now

  2. Anonymous says

    Please do return to your blog after your amazing trip! I stumbled across you blog after researching ex-pat experiences. I’m not much of a cook, but your recipes inspire me to reduce the number of processed foods I consume. Your blog has been a real inspiration!

  3. says

    Great links as usual. Can’t wait to see all of your adventures from your trip and I look forward to meeting you at the FoodBuzz gathering in November too.

  4. says

    Sweta – Thank you! I appreciate all the help with the food and I will definitely be seeking a lot of it out. I can’t wait!

    Chow and Chatter – Thanks! I hope to post some along the way.

    Anon – Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate them and it is so good to know that I have in some way inspired you! FFF will live on for a long time to come. :)

    Erica – No problem. Just my 2 cents. It will be a while for the post. I wish I had gotten to it, but time got away from me. Definitely when I return and before the end of the year.

    Deb – Hooray! I didn’t know you would be there. I can’t wait to mee you!

  5. says

    Okay, the weekend is over but these links live on! I really enjoyed the Foodiots article – it’s amazing how food has really come to the forefront of social discussions. Yay for us bloggers!

    I’m sure the excitement for you travels is building to bursting pointing!