Granola Pancakes

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Several weeks ago I was watching an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives; one of my favorite shows, if you haven’t gathered as much from my blog thus far. In that particular episode the restaurant being featured served granola pancakes. I quickly jotted down the idea like I always do when I discover something on television that I want to try and recreate.
A few days later Galaxy Granola offered to send me some of their granola to try. Now, I’m all about making my own granola. I’m all about making all my own foods in general. However, I try to find a balance with my blog because I know I can’t sit in front of my computer and tell you that you need to make everything from scratch.
Everyone has different lifestyles and responsibilities. However, I can tell you to make the majority of your own foods and when buying packaged items, choose those with the least amount of ingredients and ingredients you can identify.
What inspired me to try the granola was the company’s goal of providing a product with less fat. I embrace fat, but not the processed kind in packaged foods. Instead of processed oils, Galaxy uses fruit. I could also live with their list of ingredients such as evaporated cane juice, wildflower honey and spelt and barley flakes.

Once the granola got here I knew I wanted to try making the pancakes with it, but we tried it by itself first. My favorite is the Vanilla Almond which is what I used in my recipe. This is a fine granola, however. No large chunks so it is more ideal to sprinkle over yogurt than eat by hand. Of course, I’m still in favor of making your own, but if you need to grab a bag when you are in a time crunch, or maybe to take on a trip this granola would be a better choice than many out on the market today with their endless list of additives.

These whole grain pancakes where just what I had envisioned before making them. They are filling, but not too heavy. The granola adds texture and sweetness. I’m sold on adding granola to pancakes to spice up breakfast and will definitely do it again.

Granola Pancakes

1 large egg, beaten
1 cup white whole wheat flour
1 cup milk
1 tablespoon minimally refined sugar (I used mascavo)
2 tbsp virgin coconut oil, melted
3 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt
½ cup granola

In a medium-sized mixing bowl combine all ingredients. You may need to add a little more milk, depending on the type of granola you use as it may make the batter thicker.

Use a ¼ cup measure to drop pancakes onto a preheated griddle two to three at a time. Grease the griddle beforehand if it is not non-stick. Once the pancakes begin to bubble, flip to the other side. The pancakes will be cooked after about a minute and a half to two minutes on each side. Makes 6 pancakes.

Want to try some Galaxy Granola?

The company will give away a bag to one of my readers. Tell me in the comments if you make your own granola or buy it (or both) and why. I will pick a winner at random next Monday, April 26, 2010. (The company ships to US addresses only.) You can check out the Fruit Not Fat blog as well where the company posts recipes and workouts.

Disclaimer: Yes, I received this granola for free, and no, I wasn’t required to post about it and received no compensation for doing so.
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  1. says

    I’ve never tried making my own, and after I started reading the food labels on everything I buy… stopped buying it! It is a horrible feeling when you realize the “healthy” foods you were eating weren’t so healthy afterall.

  2. says

    Sounds yummy! I have made my own a couple times but usually just buy it…I know it’s not possible for me to make everything from scratch, so I just try to prioritize! :)

  3. says

    I make my own granola because the kind in stores is super-sweet. If I make my own I can put in my favorite nuts and fruits, make it clumpy or fine or whatever I feel like. But if the Galaxy Granola is actual cereal and not candy, put my name in the hat!

  4. says

    I’ve usually buy granola out of pure laziness; but I want to start making it myself more! That is, of course, unless I win this giveaway! :)

  5. says

    Hi – I make my own granola a little bit, I like the control of making it healthy – I also buy it in the store for convenience and unfortunately those ones they sell with butter as an ingredient (damn you wholefoods!) are very yummy too – I hope I win! Galaxy sounds healthy, good and convenient (for a price)

  6. says

    I currently buy my granola. Usually Cascadian Farms Oats & Honey granola cereal. But, I keep saying that I will one day make my own and I would love to try a new granola!

  7. says

    Love the granola pancakes. I can see why youw anted to jot this down.
    I made granola once and I was not pleased. I did not do a good job. I think I will just keep to high-quality, low processed granola from the store to enjoy.

    As always, great blog post.

  8. says

    That is almost exactly my pancakes recipe! But I’ve not tried granola. I usually use a dry packet of organic plain oatmeal or about 1/2 cup left over cooked oatmeal. I will have to try it with granola soon.

    I have never made my own granola but I make granola bars often. Granola seems like it would be easier so maybe I will have to give myself a break and do that next time!

  9. says

    I saw this episode too! The pancakes look delicious! I just started using the white whole wheat flour and love it. I buy granola from Mix My Granola – where you can choose what you want in it.

  10. says

    I bet the crunch is so good in the pancakes. We stopped buying granola because of how much bad stuff is in so many of them. Matt still like to buy the bars from time to time if we are traveling & he needs a quick snack.

  11. says

    Glad you like the pancakes and interesting to know how you get your granola!

    Leighann – You can sub an liquid fat, melted butter, oil etc.

  12. says

    Alright, who doesn’t know that I am Pancake Woman? I love all manner so this is right up my alley (and once made, right down my gullet). Darn – this is what I get for falling behind on my blog reading . . . I missed your giveaway. 8-(

    Your advice – to make as much of your own food, like granolas, as possible and choose mindfully when/if you buy packaged goods – is both sound and sensitive to people’s preferences and lifestyles. Thank you!

  13. says

    These look delish! I have a hard time buying granolas, they often are pretty gross and overly processed. (plus my kids have nut allergies)

    These look yummy!