Garden Cocktail Week

August 1, 2017

Garden Cocktail Week on

I’m still working on cracking the code for successfully growing food here in the Central Valley. Blueberries and citrus are going well and I can pull off some kale through winter. 

Peppers last year were a no go, and I’ve murdered a few tomato plants as well. As I continue to attend workshops and talk with others, I’m slowly gaining more knowledge. I do see a few tomatoes and maybe an eggplant in the near future. 



Cocktails with garden ingredients on

One thing that has gone relatively well, though, is growing herbs. Due to my other failures, I just filled the raised bed with herbs and despite a few sunburnt edges, we continue to have rosemary, mint, oregano, and basil within easy reach. 

After adding a few more plants this year, the colors and flavors inspired me to have a little fun with a cocktail week. I combined our herbs with some things I picked up from the farmers market for three drinks that are perfect for summer. 

Create summer drinks with your herb garden. Garden Cocktail Week on

So starting tomorrow and over the next few days I’ll have ideas for using tomatoes, purple basil, pineapple sage, rosemary, lemon, and grapes in some tasty spiked beverages that will get you through the rest of summer whether you are sad to see it go, or can’t wait to kick it to the curb to welcome fall. 

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