Food Photography Workshop in Italy

June 9, 2017

Food Photography Workshop in Italy | A recap on Fake Food Free

If you work as a creative in any form, you know what I mean when I say that sometimes you need the artistic version of a swift kick in the pants. 

Things grow stale. You lose inspiration, struggle to find new ideas, and become sluggish both mentally and physically. 

You need something to ignite that spark again. Not the spark that says, “Let’s do this!” It’s more of that spark that says, “My goodness, look at the beauty there. You must capture it and then recreate it!” 

I’m familiar with that physical motivation spark. It’s gotten me through almost a dozen half marathons. But that creative spark is new territory for me. I often feel it is much, much harder to ignite once it begins to fizzle. 

So I went to Italy. 


Torri in Sabina, Italy

I’ve attended a food photography workshop as continuing education for the past three years. They have all been great. But this year, I knew I wanted to attend one outside of the U.S. 

And no offense to my fellow American colleagues, but I wanted one that was hosted outside the U.S., not a group from here traveling somewhere together to photograph. 

I travel a lot and have lived abroad for a reason. Other people of other cultures inspire me. It’s something you can’t fully experience when you are with your buds of the same country experiencing another. I wanted to expand my knowledge of food photography with people who were unfamiliar with my experiences, and I with theirs. 

I’d followed Meeta for a while and when I saw her announcement of her workshop in Rome for May, I immediately knew it was the right fit for this year. 

A recap of Rome Foto 2017, a workshop with Meeta K. Wolff in Italy

This was my first trip to Italy and I did a lot in the week I was there, but this post is a little recap of my two days in Torri in Sabina, about 40 minutes outside of Rome, and how my creative energy was influenced along the way. 

I arrived straight from a day trip in Florence where I spent most of my time cursing the presence of tourists, knowing full well that I was nothing more than one myself. I wasn’t quite sure how to vent my frustration, but soon found all I needed to do was start taking (more) pictures.

The second I arrived and I put down my bag, I grabbed my camera. Hoping no one would mind, I started taking bowls of fresh fruits out to the patio to photograph in the late afternoon light. Peace was instantly restored. 

Rome Photo Workshop | A recap at Fake Food Free

The location of the workshop was everything you would picture in your head when someone tells you that you will be photographing at a cottage house in a hillside Italian town. Baskets, shutters, olive trees, cattle in the distance, farm dogs barking, and views of villages that, until this point in my life, I’d only seen in photos, despite my extensive travel.

Picturesque doesn’t begin to describe it. 

So instead of describing it all with words. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Just know that I met many outstanding people from around the world, learned new techniques for my work, ate delicious things like buckwheat crepes with fresh cherry compote and caponata with preserved egg yolks while drinking things like homemade elderberry syrup spiked with Prosecco (my biggest compliments to the chefs – Rissa and Libby).

We learned about olive oil (the one thing this region does very, very well, as I heard many times), saw roughly 2000 year old olive trees, and then had the freedom to roam a local restaurant and photograph pizza being made for us. Other fun things included drinking some of the best wine I can ever remember having, and due to its very limited location and vintage, will like never have again. 

It was special in the most extreme sense of the word.


Italy Food Photography Workshop | A recap on Fake Food Free

Torri in Sabina, Italy | A food photography workshop

A recap of Rome Foto 2017, a workshop with Meeta K. Wolff in Italy

Italian Tomatoes in Torri in Sabina

A recap of Rome Foto 2017, a workshop with Meeta K. Wolff in Italy

Italy Food Photography Workshop | A recap at Fake Food Free

A recap of Rome Foto 2017, a workshop with Meeta K. Wolff in Italy

Torri in Sabina, Italy. Just outside of Rome.

Homemade elderberry syrup

Buckwheat crepes with fresh cherry compote

Poppy Fields in Italy | More on Fake Food Free

Learning about Olive Oil in the Lazio region Italy

Italian pizza making | More on Fake Food Free

Food Photography Workshop in Italy | Fake Food Free

Food Photography in Italy

Food Photography Workshop in Italy

Torri in Sabina, Italy at dusk

A recap of Rome Foto 2017, a workshop with Meeta K. Wolff in Italy | A recap at Fake Food Free



Meeta regularly teaches photography workshops around the world in cities like Rome and Dubai. You can find a list of past and upcoming workshops as she updates them on her website.




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  • Meeta June 26, 2017 at 12:58 pm

    Thank you for the recap. It was interesting reading this and seeing it from your point of view. For one thing I am truly thanksful – to have met you and to have spent some precious and fun moments with you. I am glad you took the step and came to Italy and thank you for trusting me to be able to inspire. Without the lovely Rissa’s warmth and bubbliness this retreat would have been missing big time. Hope our paths cross again!

    • Lori June 27, 2017 at 4:37 am

      Hi Meeta! I’m so thankful I was able to meet you as well. I enjoyed it very much. It was such a lovely location to experience with such great people!