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December 15, 2017

Favorite Books for 2017 | FakeFoodFree.com

I don’t read nearly as often as I feel like I should or as often as I want to. I make an effort to set aside time during the week, but most of my reading time still ends up being when I’m traveling, on a plane or between exploring new destinations. 

There are so many books I want to read. The list is endless. I’m usually reading a couple different titles at the same time. 

This year I have encountered some excellent books so I thought I’d share this as a bit of a gift guide in case you have food and drink lovers in your life who also love reading. 

I have four that inspired me and really stood out over the past several months. 

There is still time to order these books online or hop in your favorite local book retailer to see if they have a copy. No affiliate links here, but one book was sent to me as a review copy as noted. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


Favorite Books of 2017 on FakeFoodFree.com

The Year of Living Danishly:  Uncovering the secrets of the world’s happiest country by Helen Russel

The second I saw this book it went straight on my list and I finally bought a copy this summer. I have been drawn to the Danish culture ever since we traveled to Copenhagen a couple years ago. It is such a great story!

It reveals so much about similarities and differences between a Danish way of living and other countries, namely the UK and US. It’s funny, informative, and entertaining all at the same time. I can’t recommend it enough. 


Favorite Books of 2017 at FakeFoodFree.com

Belgian Café Culture:  A Portrait of the Iconic Café Culture by Regula Ysewijn

At first reading the title, many people might think this book is about coffee. Nope, it’s about beer. And not just any beer, but the tremendous and, sadly, dying beer culture of Belgium. I have yet to visit any in person (hopefully next year!), but Belgian Cafés are local gathering spaces, a pub so-to-speak, with so many rich traditions and intriguing history. 

As time moves on, Café owners pass, and property owners aim to please a new generation, these Cafés are closing rapidly. Regula (Miss Foodwise on social) documented the stories of these special spots with a close look at their owners and patrons. The book contains the stories in both English and Dutch, and the photographs are beautiful. The book just won the Gourmand World Book Award for Belgium in the ‘Culinary History’ category.


Favorite Books of 2017

Beer FAQ:  All That’s Left to Know About the World’s Most Celebrated Adult Beverage by Jeff Cioletti

I received a review copy of this book earlier this year, and I decided to dig into it when I was studying for my Beer Server Exam for the Cicerone program. This book goes back to the foundation of beer (my favorite topic) and explores beers around the world. I wasn’t expecting it to be such a great travel guide, but I will definitely be referring back to it as we explore more historic breweries around the world. 


Favorite books of 2017

Rice Noodle Fish:  Deep Travels Through Japan’s Food Culture by Matt Goulding

This is my most recent read. A friend here started a book club and this was the first selection. We haven’t had our group discussions yet, but I finished it over Thanksgiving and I’m ready to rave about it. It contains A LOT of information so mid-way through I had to pace myself to keep it all straight, but it is an outstanding book. The stories are captivating and it covers major foods and the regions they come from throughout the entire country. Current trends, history, the evolution of the culture’s cuisine, it’s all in there. My copy is highlighted all the way through with interesting food facts to note as well as places I must visit when we finally travel to Japan. 


I’m also so happy to see Food on Tap over on the gift list at CraftBeer.com for 7 Beer Books Beer Lovers Will Enjoy!

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