Cheddar, Sun-dried Tomato and Zucchini Scones Recipe

I’m no stranger to scones. I’ve written about my favorite breakfast pastry a few times in the past. But I rarely make savory scones. 
Our zucchini plant just stopped producing this week, so I’ve had plenty to work with this year. When I was trying to use it up, scones seemed a logical choice. I stepped out of my sweet comfort zone, though, and decided to do something a little cheesy and spicy.
These scones are great by themselves, but they also make a good base for a breakfast egg sandwich.  If you happen to have a tomato jam, that would dress them up nicely too. 

Cheddar Sun-dried Tomato and Zucchini Scones

2 ½ c white whole wheat flour
4 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
½ cup cold unsalted butter, cut into cubes
½ cup shredded zucchini
¼ cup sun-dried tomatoes, chopped fine
1/3 cup shredded cheddar cheese, plus extra for topping
1 tbsp hot sauce
¾ cup + 1 tbsp milk
Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. 
In a mixing bowl, combine the flour, baking powder and salt. Add the butter cubes and use a pastry blender or two knives to cut the butter into the flour until it is in pea-sized pieces. 
Stir in the zucchini, sundried tomatoes and cheese. Add the hot sauce and milk, and mix ingredients until a dough is formed. Turn the dough out onto a floured surface and knead gently a couple times. 
Shape the dough into a rectangle, about ¾ of an inch thick. Cut into 8 to 10 squares.

Place the squares on a baking sheet and top each with a small amount of shredded cheese and press it gently into the dough. 
Bake 12 to 15 minutes until the cheese and edges are browned. Makes 8 to 10 scones.

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  1. says

    I have had plenty of sweet scones but never a savory scone….I never thought about the concept until I saw your post. This is awesome.


  2. says

    What a great flavor idea! I never would have thought to combine those for a scone flavor. Maybe the cheese and the sun dried tomato, but not with zucchini too.

  3. says

    Velva – I don’t do savory scones often either. Thanks so much!

    Melinda – Unexpected things come together when you have a lot to use up in the kitchen. Ha, ha! :)

    Joanne – Thanks!

    Heidi – Thanks! Me too!

    Cathleen – Thanks!

    Deanna – Thanks! We had a lot to use of this year. A good problem. :)

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