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Jackfruit Tacos with Coconut Lime Purple Cabbage and Green Onion Slaw

December 12, 2017
Jackfruit Tacos with Coconut Lime Purple Cabbage and Green Onion Slaw Recipe |

My first experience with jackfruit occurred when we were living in Brazil.

It sparked from curiosity and determination to figure out the name of the massive piece of produce taking up most of the table at the farmers market. It was every bit as large as a 2-year-old child.

I soon learned it was jackfruit and I also realized that I had been walking under these massive fruits on my walks through the park near our apartment. Thankful that none had ever fallen on my head, I started asking questions. 

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Sesame Lentils with Bok Choy

October 28, 2017
Vegetarian Recipe for Sesame Lentils with Bok Choy |

I always struggle with getting the right consistency for cooked brown lentils. And by right, I mean getting them the way I like them – slightly firm, but tender enough to enjoy. Usually, I get them boiling, get distracted and they are mushy before I realize it.

That’s fine for soups, but I enjoy eating them as more of a stir-fry or a skillet meal. 

So this time around, I watched them like a hawk.

Actually, that’s a lie.

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Quick Pickled Cucumber Tomato Salad

July 19, 2017
Quick Pickled Cucumber Tomato Salad Recipe |

I hate to say it, but I’m pretty sure my days of canning are over. Or at least on pause for a while.

I’m not opposed to doing it again, but I learned something pretty quickly after our big garden and endless canning motivation back in Kentucky – we can’t eat it all. Especially when it is jam, or jalapenos, or relish.

Salsa we did a pretty good job of polishing off, but the rest of it? It was just too much to have around or even to give away. 

These days my time is spent making small batches of jam in a saucepan and popping it in the fridge, versus a water bath for long term storage. Same goes for pickling – it is small batch quick pickling all the way.

Growing up we always had cucumber salad in the summer made with a sugar and vinegar dressing.  

I still make a similar version, but with a bit less sugar. Occasionally I throw in other veggies which is how this salad came about.

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Shawarma Spiced Fava Bean Vegetarian Burger

July 6, 2017

This post is sponsored by Sahadi’s

Shawarma Spiced Fava Bean Vegetarian Burger | Vegan and Vegetarian Recipe | | Sponsored

Food access is important in my line of work. Well, if you love food, regardless of the type of work you do, it’s important. But when you are tasked to make specific foods or need to photograph a certain ingredient, you have to find it. 

I’m the first one to admit that regularly accessing what I need isn’t always easy around here. Of course, this comes after spending 10 years in the surprisingly excellent local food scene of Central Kentucky, and then a few more years in the Bay Area. Which, I mean, come on. What can’t you find in the Bay Area? 

Internet shopping for groceries is not only a fun pastime these days, it’s often a necessity. 

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Skillet Sweet Corn Salad with White Nectarine

June 22, 2017
Skillet Corn Salad with White Nectarines Recipe | Fake Food Free


There are two things I love about summer – sweet corn and white nectarines. 

Normally, I wouldn’t think of putting the two together, but lately I’ve had this thing for mixing fruits into savory foods. I’m a huge fan of the of sweet and savory and combining fruits and veggies feels like a better habit to me than, say, eating too much salted caramel. 

So blueberries sometimes find their way into chicken salad and cherries often appear in my bean salads

Given this new habit I found myself wanting to try nectarines with  my corn. My first thought was a corn fruit salsa, but then I decided to skip the chips and eat this as a summer side dish. 

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Poha with Veggies and Eggs

February 22, 2017
Poha with Veggies and Eggs Recipe | Fake Food Free

Am I the only person who didn’t know about poha? How did I miss this?

I feel like I have a basic knowledge of most cuisines, but as much as I enjoy Indian cuisine, poha completely slipped passed my radar. I first discovered it a little while back through Liana Krissoff’s Vegetarian for a New Generation. Her book contains a poha recipe and I was hooked immediately. 

Poha is a flattened white rice and when combined with spices, veggies, and eggs it’s like an Indian-inspired fried rice! There is something about it that I enjoy so much more than regular rice. Internet rumor has it that it’s easier to digest as well. But don’t take my word for that. I’ve just seen it around the web. 

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Spinach and Chickpeas in Coconut Curry Sauce

October 20, 2016
Spinach and Chickpeas in Coconut Curry Sauce Recipe | Fake Food Free

I completely understand the argument that some people don’t like to cook. Not everyone enjoys being the in the kitchen like I do. 

The same goes for feeling too tired to cook. Even those of us who love it have days when we would give anything if someone would just bring us our meal already prepared. 

But when I start hearing about having no time to cook, that’s when I start timing my food prep and preparing a defense. 

This meal here is the kind of thing that I throw together on a regular basis for lunch. It’s the kind of recipe I don’t often post on the blog, because while delicious, it doesn’t have a wow or originality factor. 

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Baked Tofu Bowl with Peanut Dressing

July 15, 2016
Baked Tofu Bowl with Peanut Dressing Recipe | Fake Food Free

I have some strong opinions about tofu. To be honest, I feel sorry for it. Somewhere along the lines in our food culture it got pegged as a health-nut, granola, only-vegans-eat-it kind of food. 

If those are the reasons you eat it, that’s great and all, but I discovered tofu in a much different way and associate it with a very different style of eating. 

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Simple Slow Cooker Mung Bean Soup

November 11, 2015

Simple Slow Cooker Mung Bean Soup Recipe | Fake Food Free | An easy, comforting meal for the busy holiday season.  
Soon, we’ll be frantically running out to the supermarket to get overlooked ingredients. Soon, we’ll forget what it’s like to shop during the holidays and find ourselves elbowing our way to a check-out line. Soon, we’ll be waiting in line at the post office (something we swore we’d never do again) to get gifts mailed before the last possible hour. 

Soon, no matter how hard we try to stay in control, things are going to get crazy. 

I love the holiday season, crazy or not. So I say bring it on! As long as I have some lights sparkling in the living room and cookies in the oven at some point throughout the season, I’ll take it. 

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Roasted Cranberries with Greens

October 29, 2015

Roasted Cranberries with Greens Recipe | Fake Food Free | A quick and healthy side dish for the holiday season!
Every year, I go to the grocery store mid-October and ask if they have fresh cranberries. Every year the hard working person in the produce section tells me that they don’t come in until mid-November. So last week my expectations were low, but I had my eye out anyway.

When I turned to find a pile of bags front and center in the lettuce row, I’m certain my cheer carried itself to the freezer section across the store. 

Rumor has it the season arrived earlier this year. As a result, it will end earlier to. So stock up. I’ve already started. 

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