Slow Cooker Maple Jalapeno Chicken Sliders

These Slow Cooker Maple Jalapeno Chicken Sliders have a flavorful balance of sweet, salty and spicy. Crown Maple gave me a sample of their delicious organic maple syrup at the Winter Fancy Food Show last month and it made the perfect addition to this easy meal! 

Slow Cooker Maple Jalapeno Chicken Sliders | Fake Food Free
I learned long ago that there is no denying my sweet tooth. Yes, you can calm it down by cutting out all forms of added sugar. I did that a couple years ago. Cravings subsided, and even now I don’t like things nearly as sweet as I used to, but the sweet tooth never really went away. 

If you have a sweet tooth, you know what I’m talking about.

People tend to fall into a sweet or salty category. Some have no desire for any type of sugar. But threaten to take away their potato chips, and look out! Meanwhile, if you told me I could never have a potato chip or pretzel again I would not shed a single tear. But let’s not talk about the horror of never having caramel, chocolate, or my favorite sweetener, maple syrup. 


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Ground Turkey and Ale Cabbage Rolls and My 3 Words

I’m sharing My 3 Words for the New Year along with a spiced up and spiked version of cabbage rolls!

Slow Cooker Ground Turkey and Ale Cabbage Rolls | Fake Food Free 

It’s a new year. I keep repeating that to myself, but it doesn’t want to stick.

Most years, I feel this big sense of transition as we close one out and enter another. I’m big on the goals and resolutions, so I have those all lined up and I’m ready to jump right in the minute the ball drops.

This year feels different.

We spent the last two weeks of 2014 traveling. We visited Copenhagen, went to Berlin and explored the markets over the Christmas holiday, enjoyed a day in Malmo and returned to Copenhagen for New Years Eve. It was a blissful break filled with new experiences, people and foods.


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Turkey Red Lettuce Wraps with Sweet Potatoes and Cranberries

These lettuce wraps make a quick and easy seasonal dinner. They are filled with my favorite fall ingredients and served in beautiful red leaf lettuce that is full of nutrients. This post was sponsored by Coastline Family Farms. 

   Turkey Red Lettuce Wraps with Sweet Potatoes and Cranberries | Fake Food Free

Don’t mind my deer-in-the-headlights look. That is just my reaction to how quickly the end of October and most of November have flown by. I’ve been finding myself staring blankly from time to time trying to get my brain to catch up to the date.

 It’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s been a reason for it – events. Lots of awesome, new experiences, meet new people, have fun while learning, eating and drinking, events.


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