Celebrating a great year with a Holiday Pomtini Cocktail!

I’m toasting to a great year and ringing in a new one with this Holiday Pomtini cocktail made with orange vodka, peach schnapps and POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice! POM Wonderful is a current client and this post results from my work with the brand. 

 Holiday Pomtini | Fake Food Free

It has been quite a year. The kind of year that you hate to see end, but one that makes you excited to see what is next. Around here we’ve had everything from great travel and fun family visits to gaining an even greater appreciation for health.

On the business side of things, I’ve started working with so many new companies and organizations this year. It’s been enjoyable, challenging, and I like to think it has helped me grow quite a bit.

What better way to celebrate than with a martini!


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Bourbon Chocolate Marshmallows

Grab your mug of hot cocoa! These Bourbon Chocolate Marshmallows are the perfect topper for any of your favorite warm holiday drinks!

  Bourbon Chocolate Marshmallows | Fake Food Free

Growing up, marshmallows were the underdog in a box of mixed chocolates. They ranked just one level above that strange fruity nougat. Marshmallows covered in chocolate weren’t so disappointing to cause one to return a half eaten selection to the box, but they evoked a sigh and thoughts of something more glamorous like a caramel or toffee.

Things changed when homemade marshmallows gained popularity. That’s probably because they are ten times better than any marshmallow I’ve had from a chocolate box or a bag from the store. They are every bit as glamorous as caramel and toffee.


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Holiday Gift Ideas

It has been a year of cool finds around here which leads to a great list of holiday gift ideas! Whether you are buying for a cook, a runner or a traveler, I have a few ideas that will simplify your holiday shopping. 

Holiday Gift Ideas 2014 | Fake Food Free


It’s the holiday season and what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t share a few holiday gift ideas. Fortunately, compiling a list has been easy. I’ve come across so many things this year that fit every hat I manage to wear on a regular basis. If you happen to have a traveler, cookbook lover, runner or food blogger on your list, look no further. I have no doubt they will love these gifts as much as I do. 


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