About Lori


A little about me:

Hello, there! I’m Lori Rice. Creature of food culture, photographer, writer, pug-lover, runner, gardner, and craft beer fan.

When it comes to food, you could say I’m striving to be sustainable, more local (yet still global), beyond organic and respectful in my food choices while embracing the cultures and foods from all around this beautiful world. I have degrees in nutritional and exercise sciences and I’ve found when that passion combines with my love of travel and photography it creates a balance of the culinary, culture and health that drives my love for food blogging.

I spent the first decade of my career working in public health and agriculture. That work has evolved into my current role as a freelance writer, recipe developer and food photographer. You can check out more about my work at loririce.com.

In 2013, after living almost 10 years in beautiful central Kentucky, we made the cross-country move to a new food paradise – the East Bay in California. Recently we set off for a new adventure once again. This time to California’s south Central Valley. A different kind of food paradise, the heart of agriculture. I’m also an avid traveler and former ex-pat who lived in southern Brazil from 2007 through 2009. During my time in Brazil, I began freelance writing which eventually led to the publication of my first book, The Everything Guide to Food Remedies. Along with cooking and travel, some of my other favorite things include my husband, and our two pugs Macy Mae and Dixie.

After a rocky relationship with running throughout my life, I finally got hooked in 2010 when I ran my first half marathon. I’ve run a few more races since, including my first full marathon in June 2013.

This blog is my creative outlet. It allows me correspond with people from around the world who share my interests and those who challenge my ideals. It is a way for me to bring real foods of the world to you through my travels, cooking, photography and writing.

Questions or comments?

You can contact me via email – lori at fakefoodfree dot com, or on Twitter – @Lori_Rice.


Photo credit Kaycee Hilvers.