Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spicy Sesame Cucumber Salad Recipe

We planted our cucumbers late this year. The blooms have started and the plants are coming along nicely, but I’m still a bit envious of the mountains of cucumbers I’m seeing from other gardens.

I’ve been practicing patience and it was rewarded last weekend when my parents brought me a few from their garden. I’ve wanted to make Wasabi Cucumber Sesame Salad from She Wears Many Hats for a while. But with no wasabi in the house, I had to use it for inspiration and save the recreation for when our cucumbers arrive. 
I went with my favorite chili sauce – Sriracha. These cucumbers have just the right amount of heat, but I will warn you, leave them in the fridge a couple days and the fire begins to build!

Spicy Sesame Cucumber Salad

3 medium pickling cucumbers, thinly sliced
½ tsp salt
1 tbsp Sriracha Chili Sauce
½ tbsp dark sesame oil
2 tbsp white vinegar
1 tsp sugar
Black sesame seeds for garnish

Place the thinly sliced cucumbers in a colander and sprinkle with salt. Allow to drain in the sink or over a bowl while you prepare the dressing.

In a small dish, whisk together the Sriracha, sesame oil, vinegar and sugar. Transfer the drained cucumbers to a bowl and pour in the dressing. Toss to coat. You can salt and pepper to taste, but I found I didn’t need to add any more salt. Garnish with the black sesame seeds. Serves about 6. 


Debra Ann Elliott said...

Yummy! I'd love for you to link up this recipe for Farmers Market Friday.

Rebecca Subbiah said...

great salad I need to make this "-)

Jes @ Urban Sacred Garden said...

Hey Lori! I made this last night for a cookout at a friend's house and it was SO good (and super easy). I used Rice Vinegar in place of White Vinegar but otherwise all the same. Great stuff! :)

Emily said...

I make a similar salad and get obsessed and eat it for days on end. I haven't made it this summer yet, better get to it!

Lori said...

Debra - Thanks for the invitation. I tried to link up, not sure if it was successful.

Rebecca - Thanks!

Jes - That is great to hear! Thanks so much for letting me know!

Emily - I know what you mean. I go overboard on seasonal stuff because its here for such a short time!

Debra Ann Elliott said...

For some reason your link didn't go through. Not sure why, please try again, Thanks.

kat said...

I can't imagine how happy this salad would make Matt. I've pinned it to try for sure. Just wait you'll have more cucumbers than you know what to do with soon.

Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) said...

So simple and delicious looking - I will have to add this to my "must make" list for sure :)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Oh, your salad sound so refreshing!