Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whole Wheat Black Sesame Cookies

I’m looking for some variety in my baked goods. I’m not sure why I’m so bored of chocolate chip cookies and standard flavors such as vanilla. Perhaps it’s all the time I spend exploring on the Internet. Yes, that could be it. 

I see apricot, rhubarb, mocha, green tea, red bean and…black sesame. I came across these cookies towards the end of last year and had every intention of making them for the holidays. That didn’t happen, so I revisited the goal this weekend.

I’m a big black sesame fan, and if you like anything with a slightly nutty flavor, you will be too. I adapted the recipe from one of my favorite food bloggers, Green Cilantro. Ideal with coffee, tea, or milk, these cookies are only slightly sweet; perfect for an afternoon snack or post-run treat, whatever the case may be.

Whole Wheat Black Sesame Cookies

2/3 cup unsalted butter, softened
½ cup raw sugar
1 egg
2 tsp milk
½ tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
2 cups white whole wheat flour
2 tbsp black sesame seeds

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. In a mixing bowl, cream the butter and sugar until well blended. Mix in the egg and milk. 

In a small bowl, combine the baking soda, salt and flour. Gradually add the dry mix to the mixer. Mix medium-low until the dough comes together in a ball. 

By hand, stir or knead in the black sesame seeds. Place dough between two pieces of wax paper and roll to about a ¼ inch thickness. Refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours. 

Cut into shapes and bake on an ungreased cookie sheet for 8-9 minutes; just until the edges are slightly browned. Cool on a cooling rack. Makes about 30 cookies, depending on the size of your cutter.  


Intuitive Eggplant said...

Intriguing. Black sesame seeds keep hitting my radar lately. Always on the lookout for out-of-the-ordinary sweets that aren't too sweet.

I'm on the verge of embarking into ice-cream making territory. But I doubt my early efforts will be nearly as gorgeous as these cookies of yours :)

Candy said...

So simple and lovely!

My McDonald Meal said...

WOW- I'm very curious how these taste. Delightful pictures by the way.

kat said...

I love sesame cookies but have never had them with black sesame, yum. Your presentation is beautiful too.

Fresh Local and Best said...

These are perfect as tea cookies for their delicate and nutty flavors, and even better they are great to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Joanne said...

i LOVE the flavor of black sesame and can't believe I haven't ever made anything with them! Need to get these into my life.

Reeni said...

These are different in a good way! I am late to the black sesame bandwagon. I like the way they look and would love to taste them.

tasteofbeirut said...

I have used nigella seeds a lot (called habbet al-baraka: good luck seeds) here but not black sesame seeds; the cookies look so pretty, not too sweet, in one word, perfect!

Juliana said...

Oh Lori, these cookies look awesome, like the black simple and yet so elegant.
Hope you are having a great week :)

Suzanne said...

Love black sesame flavor. Those look fabulous!

Lori said...

Eggplant - Oooh, black sesame ice cream would be good! We actually had that when we were in SE Asia.

Candy - I do like the simplicity.

Melissa - They aren't too out of the ordinary in flavor. Like a mildly sweet short bread with a nutty flavor.

kat - Thanks! We're big sesame fans here.

Fresh Local Best - I agree, perfect for tea.

Joanne - Yep, start baking! ;)

Reeni - It took me a while to actually get my hands on some and try some baking.

tasteofbeirut - Oh, I'll have to keep my eye out for nigella seeds here.

Juliana and Suzanne - Thanks!

Erica said...

Hi Lori, Thank you for visiting my blog....I love yours ...The pictures are beautiful and you have fantastic recipes here!I will be back :)