Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ataulfo Mango Jalapeno Pizza

These days I’m feeling incredibly mango deprived. Actually, I’m feeling tropical fruit deprived in general.

Wow, has it been difficult to go from fresh bananas, pineapples, guava, mangos, papaya and oranges at the local farmer’s market in Brazil, back to mediocre store-bought apples and grapes. Things are looking up now, of course. Spring brought strawberries. Summer will bring blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and peaches. The wonderful central Kentucky apples will follow this fall.

I missed all of these things when I was in Brazil. Now that I’m back, I miss mangos! They did have a very distinct season where we lived, but when ready, the flavor was incredible. The local Japanese market would also import several different varieties from around the country.

One variety that I did not find there, however, was the Ataulfo, or Champagne, mango from Mexico. This was introduced to me by a friend in the States. I just love these tiny little bundles of sweetness. Everything you read about the flesh being rich and buttery is true.

These are still available at the stores around here so when I saw Mango & Tomato’s 2 year recipe contest I knew I had to pick one up and enter!

About this time last year I introduced you to one of my favorite mango combinations – the Sweet and Spicy Mango Quesadilla. I decided I needed to somehow include a tomato in the mix for my recipe entry. I first considered fresh salsa, but I expect that many people will consider that as well, so I kept thinking.

Finally, it came to me – pizza! Now, I was a little leery of how the tomato sauce on the pizza would go with the mango and jalapeno, but I love pineapple on my pizza so I went for it. Good thing, because the combination turned out wonderfully.

I’ve been wearing out Off Her Cork’s Spelt Pizza Dough recipe. It is excellent! I made it again here, but this time I used whole wheat flour for the spelt and white wheat flour for the unbleached. I also added a half teaspoon of salt and an Italian seasoning blend. You can use any crust of your choosing, of course.

This pizza is every bit as good as the quesadilla combo with a different twist. If you like a sweet and spicy combo on your pizza, this is one for you!

Ataulfo Mango Jalapeno Pizza

10 to 12 inch size of your favorite pizza dough

1 14-oz can no-salt, tomato puree (this will soon be fresh tomatoes once they arrive in the garden!)
½ tsp garlic powder
1 tbsp fresh basil, chopped
¼ tsp crushed red pepper
½ tbsp balsamic vinegar
½ tbsp mascavo sugar
½ tsp sea salt
½ tsp black pepper

1 Ataulfo mango, sliced or chopped
¼ cup sliced pickled jalapenos
¼ cup whole milk mozzarella, chopped or shredded

Heat the oven to 400 degrees F. In a sauce pan, combine all the ingredients for your sauce. Heat and simmer for 7 to 10 minutes, stirring often. Remove from the heat and set aside. You will likely have much more sauce than you need so you can make another pizza or use it another day.

Roll the dough out to your desired thickness and coat the bottom with cornmeal. Place on a pizza pan and spread on about ¼ cup of the sauce. You can use more or less based on your preferences.

Top the sauce with the mango, jalapenos and cheese. Bake for about 15 minutes, or until the cheese begins to brown and bubble. Allow to cool for 2 to 3 minutes, slice and serve. Serves 1.


Julie @ Pickley Pear said...

Mango and jalapeno is genius! I must make this ASAP!

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

I love mangoes but haven't seen an Ataulfo version in my grocery stores. I'll have to keep an eye out!

MelindaRD said...

That looks really good and very creative.

janet said...

Champagne mangos are my favorite ones. Very creative use, I would never have thought to put them on pizza!

Emily (A Nutritionist Eats) said...

Yes please!
Have you tried Coconut Ice Cream - Mango & Passionfruit flavor? Just tried it last night, SO good! Thought you might like it!

5 Star Foodie said...

What an awesome idea for the mango and tomato contest! The pizza sounds terrific topped with mango and jalapeno! Perfect!

OysterCulture said...

So you have Hawaiian pizza with pineapple, are we to have Brazilian pizza with mango? I'm all over that!

Erica said...

This pizza looks absolutely incredible!!!This is a creative recipe.

Joanne said...

I constantly feel mango-deprived even though I've never lived in a tropical country. They are my favorite fruit!

This is one innovative way to combine mangoes and tomatoes. Great dish!

kat said...

What a creative pizza!

Lori said...

Julie - I just love anything sweet and spicy.

Amanda - I was surprised that they are still around here. They are more of a spring fruit.

Melinda - Thanks!

janet - It was new for me too. :)

Emily - No, I haven't yet, but that sounds amazing! I'll be on the look out for it.

5 Star - Thanks! I was really happy with the result.

OysterCulture - Ha! Yes! Although, now that I think of it, I never saw a pizza with mango in it Brazil.

Erica - Thanks so much!

Joanne - Ha, ha! It is a challenging combo for sure.

kat - Thanks!

gastroanthropologist said...

Don't believe I've ever seen mango on pizza - I love heat with mango though so with jalapeno can imagine this is one tasty combination.

ah, don't you sometimes wish you could gather the best of each little place in the world and have them at home?

Lori said...

gastroanthro - Everyday. :)

Fresh Local and Best said...

I love champagne mangoes, they are the sweetest variety I have ever tasted. I should try this, I've had mangoes and chilis before and loved it.

Daily Spud said...

Wow, what a combination, love it! I've never had champagne mangoes but, given how much I love mangoes, I know I'd love to try them someday... (even if that involves them travelling, me travelling or both!)

Juliana said...

Lori, I never though in adding mango to pizza...even less with sure looks tasty and what a colorful one :-)

Tangled Noodle said...

Sweet and spicy would hit the spot on Pizza Night! Ataulfo/Champagne are so delicious; around here, they are usually found in Asian groceries but I've rarely seen them in supermarkets. Still, at least there are some available. Now I have mango on the brain!