12 Favorite Recipes for Game Day

January 31, 2014

It’s that time of year again — the time that makes football fans, commercial watchers and puppy lovers happy. And let’s not leave out those of us who can’t get enough of everything food. I think we have the best deal of all – the challenge to come up with the most coveted snacking spread of the year.

In case you are short on ideas, I’ve gone back into the Fake Food Free archives and put together a collection of some great options. Unfortunately, there are no foods shaped like footballs and tiny helmets, but there are plenty ideas for meat eaters and vegetarians who want to keep the focus on real, homemade foods.

Enjoy the game!

Lettuce Wraps with Almond-Basil Chicken
Slow Cooker Black Calypso Beans with Beer and Bacon
Kentucky Bourbon Dogs
Classic Chili Dogs
Spicy Spiked Bacon Guacamole
Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tomato Soup
Pesto Pizza with Red Grapes and Bacon
Tex Mex Poblano Eggplant Pizza
Tamarind Beef Satay
Smoky Ham Salad with Olives
Tofu Po’Boy with Barbecue Cole Slaw
Tequila Lime Shredded Beef
(Clicking on the title will take you to the recipe.)

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